C Tek

C Tek has been DJing and producing for roughly 12 years. Drawing on a range of musical styles and influences, his work forms an eclectic keystone at Blue Red Media HQ.

C Tek‘s multiple production platforms and his vast array of influences have ensured his sounds are continually evolving. His carefully primed electronic resonance has most recently turned dedicated Dub-Step heads with the Futures EP a debut release that swiftly forced its way onto Dubstep FM’s “Artist of the Week” slot in September 2010.

C Tek‘s aptitude for production transfers seamlessly to his live capacity and having DJd around the country and across the globe, his abilities have been irrefutably noted worldwide. His audio arsenal incorporates laptops and hardware controllers to achieve a level of precision required to deliver this distinctive audio alchemy.


C Tek & FJH - Karusel (Artwork)
CAT: BRM 0008
Release Date: 22 Jan, 2012
Tracks: 1
C Tek - G.I.A.N.T. (Artwork)
CAT: BRM 0005
Release Date: 18 Apr, 2011
Tracks: 5
C Tek - Synapse (Artwork)
CAT: BRM 0004
Release Date: 06 Dec, 2010
Tracks: 1
C Tek - Futures EP (Artwork)
CAT: BRM 0001
Release Date: 01 Dec, 2009
Tracks: 2